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Discover a complete range of certified organic products, with unifying Phyto-Complex PWE®. Over time, repeated sun exposure, hormonal disorders, skin aging or even irritation or inflammation reactions, the skin becomes fragile, the complexion dulls and brown spots appear. This is why PHYT'S draws the best of its active ingredients to offer you a range that aims to unify, illuminate and restore radiance to your skin.

PHYT'S Laboratories have created an active plant complex, PWE®, and have integrated it into the range

White Bio-Active .

PWE® is a complex of plant extracts and essential oils:
*  Organic bearberry and licorice extracts
*  Yarrow essential oils,

Parsley, Carrot, Celery, Basil and Organic Wintergreen.

*  Organic acerola (vitamin C)

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