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PHYT'S unveils the first certified organic peeling treatment

Peeling Phyt'Skin Renov PROMO

Peeling Phyt'Skin Renov PROMO

A complete skincare!

Promotion Peeling Phyt'Skin Ronov

Promotion Peeling Phyt'Skin Ronov

Un soin rénovateur unique !

Promotion Peeling Phyt'Skin Renov

Promotion Peeling Phyt'Skin Renov

Peeling Chimique certifié bio !

Skin Renewal Treatment

The 1st certified organic chemical peeling treatment, a skin renovating treatment, based on Glycolic Acid of natural origin, for soft, smooth and radiant skin. A global and complete program, reconciling naturalness and effectiveness, based on a concept of cure of 4 treatments in Institute, coupled with a preparation at home for a reinforced effectiveness and visible results quickly.

Peeling chimique naturel Phyt'Skin Renov



Glycolic Acid

Skin Type  : Dull, tired, wrinkled skin with skin irregularities.  Waiting  : Improvement of the cutaneous condition. Duration of the treatment  : 45 min

Recommended frequency  : In cure of 4 institute treatments at the rate of 1 treatment every 10 days. To be done every 3 to 6 months. 2 cures per year maximum. Ask your Naturo-Beautician for advice.




Skin smoothed 90%*
Refined skin texture 95%*
Imperfections faded 80%*
The skin is renewed

* Satisfaction test carried out on a complete treatment comprising 4 applications of superficial peels (clinical study on 20 women aged 40 to 60).

Peeling naturel Phyt'Skin Renov
Peeling chimique naturel


  $140 per treatment


The FREE ''home preparation'' box

(value of $130)

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