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We have taken care to choose a range of products that respects our environmental and social values. Here are the four commitments of our Phyt's organic range  :



  Naturalness and organic

  • A maximum of certified organic products (100%),

  • Respect for the greatest naturalness for our cosmetics and food supplements,

  • Selection and use of the maximum of certified organic plant ingredients in our formulations,

  • Commitment to promote the development of organic agriculture devoid of pesticides and synthetic chemical ingredients.


  Social responsibility


  • Commitment to the benefit of local employment, the defense of the living environment, the maintenance of agricultural activity reoriented towards organic farming,

  • Fair trade vegetable raw materials: shea butter from Burkina Faso, sesame oil from Mali.


  Environmental responsibility


  • Natural cosmetics that generally don't contain synthetic dyes and preservatives,

  • Preservation of the environment: non-use of chlorine to clean machines, absence of uncontrolled discharges, waste management and selective sorting,

  • Recyclable or biodegradable containers,

  • Protection of the natural environments: prints from sustainably managed forests, creation of organic agroforestry plots and involvement in the protection of natural environments,

  • Maintaining biodiversity: refusal to use any plant material whose sustainability is not guaranteed and actions aimed at the development of pollinating bees.


  Social responsibility


  • The center of our concerns: personalization of care, advice, training,

  • Commitment to promote diversity, integration and equal opportunity: partnership with establishments for disabled workers,

  • Development of a global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach: sustainable development steering committee,

  • Part of a dynamic of awareness, search for values, quest for meaning: the naturalness, safety and effectiveness of our products take precedence over any other consideration.





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